What is ezeehomepage.com
The site, www.ezeehomepage.com, helps you in managing your links to web sites and displays them in your browser start page (home page) for easier access.

What is a Home Page
When you initially open up your Web browser, the very first page that you will see is your "home page". The home page is your jumping off point to the rest of the Web. You can specify any page on the Web as your browser home page.

Why is a ezeehomepage required
Each time you start your browser, your ezeehomepage displays links added by you, so you do not have to re-type them every time in the URL of your browser. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the site.

Advantages of ezeehomepage
1. No need to type in URL each time you want to visit a site
2. Higher security - Avoid typographical errors in the URL. Some sites are created for phising purposes, as in case of bank sites. The phising sites are designed to look very similar to bank sites which lead users to believe that they are visiting the original site. You may type in your passwords on these sites, which might fall in wrong hands. By saving the original bank link on ezeehomepage, you visit the site that you actually intend to visit.
3. Links can be organized by you as per your choice for easy finding
4. Add / edit or delete links and blocks whenever you need to
5. Links can be opened in a new window / tab, so the home page is always available in one of the tab / window
6. Easy to create - Your home page can be created by you within minutes in just two easy steps
7. Access your home page from any computer
8. Only you can access your start page

How to create my start page
Click on the "Create Home Page" link on the site. One predefined block is displayed to you. You can edit the title of this block by clicking on the "Edit" link in front of the title. Enter the block title and click on "Save". For example, you may wish to have "Mails" as one of the block. Tye in "Mail" in the text box and click on save. Similarly, you may create blocks for "Search" "Social Networking"......etc. Each row will have three number of blocks after which a new block is created in the lower row. If you wish to delete a block, click on the "Delete" link in the title bar of the block. A confirmation window is displayed. Click on "Yes" to delete this block.
Important - Links added in the block are also deleted if a block is deleted

How to add links Click on "Add a link" below the Title. A text box is displayed to you for entering your link title and the URL of the site. On clicking the link title box, the original text "Link title" disappears. Type in the link title of your choice, for example you may type in Gmail. On clicking on the "Link" box, the URL auto changes and displays the link. For example, if you type in Gmail as the link title and click on the Link box, the suggested URL changes to http://www.gmail.com You may change the URL and click on "Save" to save the link.
Important - This is just a suggested link, which may be different from the one that you intend to type in. It depends on what you have typed in the link title box and may not necessarily be the one that you want. Change the URL as per your need
Once the link is added you can edit it by clicking on the "Edit" link in front of the link. To remove a link, click on "Delete". A confirmatory message is displayed to you before the link is deleted.

How to organize blocks
Blocks can be reorganised by dragging the "Move" link placed at the top of each block.

Move a block by clicking and dragging the "Mive" link to the required position. Release it after you you have dragged it to the position of your choice. All other blocks are auto re-arranged and auto saved.

View your home page
Click on "View Home Page" to view the finished layout.
Important - You will loose all your links if you do not register or do not download the page or clear the cookies of your browser. In this case, you will need to re-build your page. To read more on how cookies are used on the site, please check the "terms" and "privacy" pages of the site.

Home page
Your "Home Page" is displayed to you on selection of either of the above option.
To set this page your browser start page (Home Page), click on the "Set as home page" button at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions given. You can edit your home page or change the blocks sequence any time as you require by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.